The End of the Season

It has been over 120 days since we treated the lake with the herbicide triclopyr. The report of the scientific survey of the lake, which will detail the results, will be available later this month. It will mention that there is some new milfoil growth, occurring mostly on decaying stems of dying or dead plants. It is our hope that none of this new growth will take root. In any case we will not know for sure how successful our treatment has been until next spring.

The warning signs around the lake have been taken down

At the Board meeting in late September we discussed how we could keep milfoil from returning and other invasives from being introduced into the lake. We intend to expand our greeter program next year, to have someone at the boat ramp many more hours per week. We will explore the possibility of having a wash station somewhere nearby, where each boater can conveniently wash down his/her boat, trailer, and motor before entering the lake. Finally we intend to work with other lakes to lobby the State to require boaters traveling between waterbodies to clean and inspect their equipment.

Also at that meeting we accepted Libby Chapin’s resignation from the Lake Fairlee Association Board.  We did so with sadness, regret, and with more than a little gratitude for her tireless work on behalf of the Lake.  Libby has been the driving force behind the greeter program, and has championed the cause of riparian buffers.  As secretary for the past few years she has conscientiously reported the minutes of our meetings.  She says that although she will be leaving the Board  her commitment to the lake is undiminished.  She will be missed.