Pressure on the Dam in the Spring

Last summer we posted some photos of the dam that maintains the level of Lake Fairlee as part of a report on its condition.  Those photos were taken after a dry week in August, when there was little water flowing over the dam.  In mid April we had occasion to take more photos, at a time of significant rain and snow melt.  Although these pictures were not taken from exactly the same places (not possible, it turns out) they clearly show the marked contrast in conditions.

NOTE: You can click on the photos below for a larger image.

The first two photos show the southern portion of the dam (spillway) looking from the west (downstream).

Above taken in summer, below in the spring thaw.


The following photos look at the longer, northern portion of the dam.  The walkway to the house is high and dry.

In the second photo water is coursing over the top of the walkway.


The final photos are looking towards the house from the south.  The spillway portion of the dam is on the left.  These illustrate the difference in the water levels.

The water appears to be more than a foot higher in the second photo.


What these photos cannot completely convey is the volume of the water coming out of the lake, the continuous loud sound, and the stress this must be putting on our dam.