Divers in the Water

This is a Diver-Down flag. Scuba divers and snorkelers are required by law to display this flag when they are in the water.

Diving activities are not obvious to a passing boater. All that can be seen on the surface when the divers are working is a faint trail of bubbles. The evidence of their activity might look from a distance like a lone aluminum skiff sitting motionless on the water. If our divers are in the water, the flag shown above will be displayed on a short mast above the boat.

All vessels are prohibited from operating within 200 feet of a displayed ‘divers-down’ flag by Vermont law. All watercraft, including canoes and kayaks are required to obey this rule. Power boaters obviously pose a particular hazard to our divers, and are urged to give them a wide berth.

Unfortunately some boaters are unaware of or ignore this law. Our divers are performing a tiring and sometimes thankless job for us, helping to control an expanding nuisance. Please help them by oe as aware.beying the law yourself and mentioning it to others who might not be as aware.