2011 Finances

We present, for your review, this summary of our income and expenses for the past year.

2011 was an unusual year for the Lake Fairlee Association for several reasons.  Because of our 2010 herbicide treatment we started the year with an unfunded obligation to pay the $37,300 balance owed to Lycott, Inc.  On the other hand, our lake was virtually free of the E. milfoil that had taken over many sections of our shoreline over the previous decade.  Finally, we were unable to apply for a State grant this year, as explained in this earlier post.

In 2010 we asked our donors to increase their gifts, if possible, with the expectation that in 2011 we would not need som much support.  With the loss of the expected money from the State we were forced to ask our donors to make up the difference, and were gratified by their generous response.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

State of Vermont $0
Dues $2,700
Donations $42,160
Three Towns $12,000
Interest $78
Total 2011 Income $56,938
Greeter program
Salary $4,878
Benefits $1,904
Total $6,782
Balance from 2010 $37,700
Pulling & barriers $13,300
Total $51,000
Accounting $1,372
Insurance & fees $370
Office, postage, etc. $528
Annual dinner (net) $64
Merchandise (net) $126
Total 2011 Expenses $60,242

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


We budgeted $800 for our annual meeting and dinner.  We took in $816 and spent $880.

The merchandise account includes the costs of maps (printed this year) and LFA plaques (last year), net of receipts for their sale.  We have inventory left over, so there should be clear income in the future.