Restoring a Collapsing Bank

Progress Update on Shoreline Restoration Project

Where Robinson Hill Road is adjacent to Lake Fairlee a stretch of the shoreline has eroded significantly.  The road is poorly situated anyway, too close to the lake.  Constant wave action due to wind and powerboat wakes have undercut the bank dangerously.  And years of careless road maintenance have allowed the road to widen, reducing its distance from the lake.

In 2011 the Lake Fairlee Association was awarded a Better Backroads Grant which allowed us to reclaim some of the area between the road and the shore, and plant native shrubs and perennials there to stabilize the soil.  LINK  That initial step was successful, so this year we applied for and received another BBR grant to rebuild the bank and extend the shoreline farther towards the lake.

All the work is being done by volunteers.  Local residents and Asociation members provided much of the labor, and the town of Thetford has donated their road crew to deliver the rocks and soil.  The grant money pays for the shrubs and perennials to be planted, and for the crushed stone and soil as well.

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September 7th


Here is what the shoreline looked like on September 7th, before any work began.





September 7th


It is hard to tell from that view how badly undercut the shoreline is, because it is obscured by the plants.  In this view you can see the erosion better.




September 13th


Here is the shoreline on September 13th.  A siltscreen is in place to reduce silting in the lake, and a large amount of crushed rock has been placed to establish a new bank.




September 17th


September 18th, a gray rainy morning.  Fabric was placed on top of the stones yesterday, in anticipation of the soil, now scheduled to arrive on Thursday.




Heavy rains forecast just when we planned to place the dirt fill on the crushed stone caused a last minute adjustment of our schedule.  We are now planning to accomplish most of the rest of the project on Thursday, September 20th. Stay tuned for updates.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So the rain came on schedule on Wednesday, and Thursday morning was bright and clear.  The Thetford road crew  delivered the fill bright and early, and spread it in an even layer over the fabric.  The plants were delivered by E.C. Brown’s Nursery.  Around 11:00am an eager crew of volunteers showed up and did the planting, seeding, mulching, and haying.  A good time was had by all.

Here is a collection of pictures from planting day:


planting day 1


planting day 2


planting day 3


planting day 4


planting day 5


planting day 6


planting day 7


planting day 8


planting day 9


planting day 10