The Condition of the Lake

Year Three Herbicide Report Available

Our herbicide treatment permit from the Vermont DEC requires that Lycott (the firm that does the herbicide treatment) prepare a report for the State at the end of each year during the five year term of the permit.  Lycott has released this report, and it details the milfoil control activities undertaken this year, and the results of the surveys done throughout the growing season which identified and assessed the areas of Eurasian milfoil growth.

As we reported earlier [LINK], our plan to treat the dense patch of milfoil near Middle Brook was stymied.  Instead we employed divers to do hand pulling in other areas where the plants were sparse, hoping to prevent further spread.  In all, over 11,000 plants were removed.  In addition, some bottom barriers which had long overstayed their welcome were removed.  The report includes several maps, one of which shows the location and density of our milfoil enfestation as of the last survey in September, 2012.

The most important part of the report, however, is the section titled Conclusion and Recommendations.  It concludes that despite our efforts this year the distribution of E. milfoil in Lake Fairlee has increased substantially.  It recommends another triclopyr application in areas where the milfoil grows thickly, and hand pulling or possibly bottom barriers in other areas.

You can download the complete report by clicking on the image below.  (pdf file, 8Mb)

Click to download complete report