Meet the Divers – 2009 Edition

The dive team after a good lunch

The dive team after a good lunch

Our final diver arrived on the lake this week, so our team is up to full strength. We started the season  with a smaller crew for logistical reasons . . . and it helped to economize.

img_3831-2Christopher “A.J.” Beard takes over as Crew Chief this year. A.J. is a certified SSI Dive Master, and is bringing a new level of organization and professionalism to the crew.  A.J. is studying to become a helicopter pilot in the off season, and practices martial arts to stay in top form.

img_3836-2Leon Guedel returns as a diver this year. Last year he was our boat person (a job which will receive further explanation). Leon lives on the lake, and likes to commute to work by boat.  He is a a mechanic, and prefers to specialize in Volkswagens. He has found new homes for many unloved beetles.

img_3832-2Toby Bokum-Fauth also has served on the dive team as oue boat person, and this year is working as a diver. Toby is a student at Wooster College in Ohio, where he throws a javelin for the track team and will be a senior next year.  Toby is interested in composting the milfoil we take out of the lake to turn it into fertilizer, and has received a grant to try out his ideas this summer.  I will write more about his efforts as they progress.

img_3889-2Amber Johnston is new to the crew this year.  She will work this summer as our ‘boat person’.  Her job is to support the divers: swapping empty catch bags for full, policing the area surrounding suction harvester operation for stray fragments, and doing all the odd jobs that let them stay in the water.  Amber received a Masters Degree in Transitional Justice from Dartmouth this year, and will be going to Ruanda at the end of the summer to help start a mental health program.

img_4045-2John Officer is also new to the team this year. John comes to the team through Toby, who has been his friend since high school. John also attends Wooster College, where the two share an apartment. John only just started work this week. I will add to this bio as I get to know him.

Please say hello to the divers when you see them on the lake. They will be glad to meet you, and to answer any questions you might have about milfoil or other aspects of the lake.