Dam Meeting August 2nd

The public is invited to attend a presentation by the Tri-Town Committee about plans to rebuild the Lake Fairlee dam in 2015.  The meeting will be held at Horizons Day Camp, on Route 244 at Middlebrook Road, at 4:30 pm on Saturday, August 2nd.
The Tri-Town Committee was created in 2012 by the selectboards of Fairlee, Thetford, and West Fairlee, to respond to the deteriorating condition of the Lake Fairlee dam.  Preliminary engineering studies have been completed, and plans for its reconstruction in place have been drawn.  The three towns have discussed how they might acquire joint ownership of the dam, and how they would work together in the future to manage it.  We have discussed how to apportion the cost and how to raise the funds required for this project.
The committee has determined to proceed with the next phase of planning, a process that will result in final building plans, after which we will request bids from qualified construction companies.  We hope to complete the bidding process by the end of 2014.
This meeting will be the first of four.  Other will be scheduled later in the fall, one in each of the three towns.
At this meeting we will discuss:
  • Why the towns should repair the dam: economic benefits and tax consequences
  • Engineering studies, design considerations, and proposed plans
  • Proposed timeline – planning, bidding, contract award, bond vote
  • Legal considerations:
    • What property interest the towns will obtain in the privately owned dam
    • The ‘interlocal agreement’ that will allow the towns joint ownership
    • The Tri-Town Commission that will manage the new dam in the future
  • Funding:
    • A brief summary of the costs to date
    • A proposal for how to allocate the costs among the three towns
    • The proposed bond issues in each town
There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion as time allows.