Herbicide Treatment Scheduled for Tuesday, June 16th

Due to the harsh winter and late ice-out in the northeast, the plant growth in the lakes behind previous years. As we know, the Milfoil must be growing for the herbicide treatment to be effective. We had previously had a soft treatment date of June 8, 2015 however that is now not an option. Our treatment contractor is moving the treatment date back a week to 6/16/15 in order to have the best efficacy as possible. The more growth of the Milfoil, the more effective the treatment. The lake will be surveyed in the coming days to confirm.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause however it is in all of our best interest for the treatment not to fail.

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As with previous treatments, the lake will be closed to all uses for the day of the treatment and the day following.  On Thursday June 18th recreational use may resume.  This includes swimming, boating, fishing, etc.  We recommend not using lake water to irrigate your lawn for several weeks, however.  The herbicide (triclopyr) is a plant hormone which is very safe for us (humans, pets, etc) but toxic to certain kinds of plants.