Reconstruction of the Dam is Underway

Yes, it is a surprise, and a very pleasant one, too.

The Tri-Town Commission has engaged a contractor, Hebert Excavation Company, of Williamstown, VT, which began work in late May.  They say that the project should be complete by the end of the summer.

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May 18th

Temporary Dam

A temporary dam was constructed just upstream of the Robinson Hill Road bridge.


The water level was lowered by about four feet, exposing much of the concrete portion of the dam.  The house is still in place.  The “Shady House” (shack) at the near (north) end of the dam has been moved out of the way.

June 22nd


The house has been moved off its historic foundations, sliding south about 25 feet.


Most of the portion of the dam north of the house has been removed.  The portion that used to be under the house still remains.  Fill has been introduced into the cove, making a platform from which the construction machinery can reach the dam.


From this angle you can see the crane out in what was the cove.  The primary spillway is not underneath the house.  Later in the process the house will be moved back to the right (north) and the final portion of the dam will be demolished and rebuilt.

July 6


They are replacing the dam in sections, starting at the north (near) end.  Here they are already pouring some concrete in the first section.


At the far right are the forms and steel ready for pouring.  The big white marshmallow looking things to the left are to keep the water out of the near end where they are pouring.


The view from the southeast.  The cement apparatus is visible in the distance.


Detail here of the steel and forms ready for pouring.

July 16


Work continues across the dam.  This is the first shot that clearly shows the new bulkhead at the near end of the dam.  The digger is almost to the place where the house belongs.


Looking back at the construction.  A second look at the new bulkhead.