Lake Fairlee Water Quality Action Committee

The mission of the Lake Fairlee Water Quality Action Committee is to develop, on behalf of the Lake Fairlee Association (LFA), a plan to deal with rising phosphate levels in Lake Fairlee.  The lake is becoming eutrophic.

A eutrophic lake is characterized by an accumulation of nutrients that support a dense growth of algae, the decay of which depletes the shallow waters of oxygen in summer. 

Members of the committee are Fred Peterson, Ridge Satherthwait, Cleo Kerns, John McKinley, and Dale Gephart (Chair). Minutes of the meeting will be posted along with relevant materials that are generated by the committee or other sources.

The State of Vermont provides information on the status of Vermont lakes on their website. They have developed a scorecard for lake quality and you can find the Lake Fairlee Scorecard here.

Dale Gephart presented to the attendees of the July 27, 2019 Lake Fairlee Association Meeting. Information from his presentation is available here Gephard Presentation LFA Meeting July 2019.

Meeting Minutes:

Minutes LFA-WQAC 7-27-2019