On August 15th the  combined team, in the photo below, gathered to begin assessing the cause of increased phosphate in Lake Fairlee. Four members of the Vermont Department of Environment Conservation joined four members of the Lake Fairlee Association “Water Quality Action Committee” for a “get to know” overview of the lake. From the information gained on the tour, plans will be made for what measurements will be needed to better assess the lake health. Multiple hypotheses still remain to understand the increase of nutrients in the lake.

Attending (from left to right) David Forbes LFA volunteer, Jennifer Byrne WRNRCD, Mark Mitchell NRDC, Jennifer Owczarski VDEC, Cleo Keerns LFA volunteer, Lisa Niccolai WRNRCD, John Mc Minley LFA volunteer, Dale Gephart LFA volunteer, Seated: John Tarbel VCDP volunteer Lake Monitor, LFA, and boat captain