Information Requested at our July 21 Meeting

I will post a summary of the meeting and the topics discussed soon.  If you were not there, you should know that about sixty lake residents and users attended, and that we had a spirited discussion about the future of Lake Fairlee.

The experts from the State were able to answer many questions in summary fashion.  But the issues are complex, and the information often inconclusive.  As promised, we are making some of the original data available on this blog, so that those interested can form their own conclusions.

Lake  Quality – Lay Monitoring Data For 30 years volunteers have measured phosphates and underwater visibility several times each summer in the lake.

  • Raw annual data for Lake Fairlee may be found HERE
  • A so called “Summary Report” for Lake Fairlee can be found: HERE
    There is a “key” which will help in its understanding: HERE

Triclopyr – the herbicide used in Lake Morey.  Look in these articles for citations to the original scientific research.

  • Triclopyr Questions and Answers. LINK These questions were submitted by the public, and answered by a team of experts for the Washington State Department of Ecology.  This 12 page document is an excellent good starting place.
  • A summary LINK from EXTOXNET, A Pesticide Information Project of Cooperative Extension Offices of Cornell University, Oregon State University, the University of Idaho, and the University of California at Davis and the Institute for Environmental Toxicology, Michigan State University:
  • From National Pesticide Information Center, a cooperative agreement between Oregon State University and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, with source citations: LINK
  • Lake Morey’s 2009 application for herbicide application LINK – 34 pages but there is LOTS of information buried here, particularly about how Vermont approaches the treatment of lakes with chemicals:

Other pages of interest

  • Vermont DEC’s main page on Aquatic Invasive Species HERE
  • About Vermont’s issuance of Aquatic Nuisance Control Permits HERE