Consultant’s Report Now Available

Click here to download report

Click above to download report

The Lake Fairlee Association Board has received the Aquatic Vegetation Report prepared by Lycott Environmental, Inc., and has begun to discuss its implications.  This report will be the subject of our third public meeting, to be held on Wednesday, October 14th. (details here)  You can download the whole report HERE.  It is a pdf file and is eighteen pages long.  We invite you to read it so that you will better understand our deliberations.

This report is the result of several surveys of the lake conducted this summer.  It includes scientifically collected data from over 200 locations around the lake, including the kinds and density of various species, and particularly of Eurasian milfoil.   It concludes that “approximately 120 acres, or about 26% of the lake’s surface area is infested” with Eurasian milfoil.

What this report does NOT include are recommendations about what we should do.  In private conversations the consultant has said that our lake is a good candidate for herbicide treatment.  But the decision is ours.  If we decide to apply for a permit for next summer the details of our proposal will be hammered out with the State regulators.  We will be continuing to explore this possibility, gathering information about what the treatment would consist of, how long it might take, and what it would cost.

Please read the report and come to one of our public meetings.  The lake may be “owned” by the State of Vermont, but it is our lake, and it needs our care.