2009 Finances

This year the Lake Fairlee Association again was faced with declining revenues.  We received support from only about 70 donors this year, compared with about 100 last.  One possible reason for this is the withdrawal of support by contributors who think that we should be using chemicals to treat the milfoil, following  neighboring Lake Morey’s recent success.  Support from the three towns stayed constant.  Grateful thanks to the citizens of Fairlee, Thetford, and West Fairlee.

This year’s income:  (numbers are rounded off)

          dues and donations    $41,500      43.5%
                 state of VT    $42,000      44%
                 three towns    $12,000      12.5%
                total income    $95,500

Our divers this year agreed to work without a raise, which seemed fair in the present economy, and they worked a shorter season.  Insurance went up a little, as did gasoline costs.   Other expenses stayed much the same as previous years.

                    salaries    $62,500      72%
                    benefits     $8,200       9%
       equipment and repairs     $1,000       1%
         supplies (air, gas)     $3,900       4%
   insurance & workers comp.     $5,400       6%
                 lake survey     $4,000       5%
misc (including bookkeeping)     $1,700       2%
              total expenses    $86,700

We were left with a surplus of $9,000, which we will carry forward to next year.  $7,000 of this was received after the end of the season from the towns of Fairlee and Thetford, who make their contributions after they collect their property taxes in October.

Further explanation of just what is included in each category can be found in the post immediately following this one.