A New Silt Screen

Ripstop nylon pocketA silt screen is used to contain loose fragments of milfoil and sediment churned up from the bottom during suction harvesting. This summer we fabricated a new silt screen, a great improvement over what we had been using.

50 foot sections of siltscreenThe whole apparatus consists of four fifty foot sections of fine mesh, with flotation at the top and weighted at the bottom. The mesh is a heavy weight nylon window screen, sold under various trade names and intended to keep Fido from scratching his way through a screen door. Or to leave the screens undamaged when Kitty climbs them.

Swimming noodlesFor flotation we chose foam swimming “noodles” of the kind widely available every summer. We used ripstop nylon fabric to attach them, looped above the screen to form a long pocket.

Tape for pullingWe sewed a strong nylon tape in a loop just below the float pocket which could be used to move the net segments around in the water. Below the tape you can see two of the grommets which can be used to link the siltscreen segments together.

Anchor tie pointThe bottom edge of the siltscreen is weighted with a length of stainless steel cable, sewn into a fold in the bottom of the netting. This picture shows one of the tie points to which we attach an anchor to keep the system from drifting.

Here is a shot of several sections being towed across the lake.

In the water

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