May 1st – Latest News

Herbicide Permit

It has been eight weeks since this blog has posted a status update on our herbicide permit application.  We have been waiting, and waiting, for some good news to pass along.  What we do know is that the period for comments has passed, three comments were received from the public, of which two were favorable.  The Departments of Health and of Fish and Wildlife have given their input.  The Draft permit has been completed, and has been sent to the Lakes and Ponds Section Chief for comment.

Beyond this we can only surmise.  We have been told informally that the permit will be “favorable” and that it will be issued “in time.”  All we know for sure is that our permit is wending its way through the bureaucracy.  We will announce any further developments here as soon as we have them.

Greeter Program

This year the we will be increasing the number of hours that we have a greeter present at the boat ramp to almost twice what we were able to do last year.  With the hoped for success of the herbicide treatment, prevention will become even more important.  We urge the State to consider legislation requiring boaters to wash their boats and equipment before entering any lake.


Your Association has begun this year’s fundraising to pay for the milfoil program.  We will have to raise considerably more this year than ever before to pay for the chemical treatment.  The voters in the three towns adjacent to the lake voted to continue each town’s support.  We sent a letter to our membership asking each member to consider doubling her previous gift.  Early returns are promising.


Our annual meeting and barbecue will be on Saturday July 10th at Horizons Day Camp.