We still don’t have the permit, but . . .

The Department of Environmental Conservation has not yet issued a permit for our lake’s herbicide treatment.  We are still planning to apply the chemical on June 2nd, and are moving quickly to complete the required notifications in time, trusting that the permit will indeed be granted.

Our situation is very frustrating.  We scurried and scrambled to complete the lengthy  application by the end of November last year. The application clearly indicated a treatment date in late May or early June.  We explained that an early date was required to accommodate the lifeguard trainings at the summer camps.  The State has had six months to act on our application.  Now we again have to rush to print and mail 120 certified return/receipt notification letters. We do not know what factors are complicit in the State’s late action, but we are convinced that the process could be improved.

The notification letters were all mailed this afternoon.  They are substantially as indicated in our most recent post.  They were certified mail, with the return receipt option.  We will collect the proof of receipt (green postcards) and check them off against our list of property owners.  By Thursday, May 27th, we have to send the state (1) a list of those abutters who acknowledged receipt of the notice, whether by green postcard or by email, and (2) photographs demonstrating that we have affixed a copy of the notice to the property of every other abutter.

NOTE: We will send this same notice by email to those for whom we have email addresses, and ask that you indicate that you have received it by return email.  This will help us get an early start on checking your name off the list.

We are having the required signs made, and will install them around the lake as required on May 30th.  Notices will be posted then in the three Towns’ Offices, and at Treasure Island beach.  Chemical application will begin around 7:30am on Wednesday June 2nd, rain or shine.