Chemcal Treatment Permit Issued

Today the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation issued a permit which will allow us to treat the milfoil in Lake Fairlee with the herbicide triclopyr.  On initial reading the permit, which runs to 41 pages, appears to grant us substantially what we asked for.  As expected, it contemplates a five year program of milfoil control, which will involve mechanical as well as chemical methods.  We are authorized to conduct one spot/partial-lake treatment this year of up to 130 acres total.  This is slightly greater than the 120 acres that were identified in the survey conducted near the end of last season.

We are planning to treat the lake on Wednesday, June 2nd, beginning around 7:30am.  The application will be completed in one day, and the lake will be closed to all uses (including swimming, boating, fishing, etc.) for that day and the next. On Friday, June 4th, the lake will again be safe for these activities, and for domestic uses other than drinking and cooking. We expect that the lake water will be safe for cooking and drinking uses within about two weeks. We will be sampling the water for chemical testing regularly, as well as monitoring the milfoil, and will post the results here. Because the chemical we are using is toxic to grasses (and relatively benign for animals and other plants) it will not be safe to irrigate with lake water for most of the summer.

Here is the full text of the permit. LINK Happy reading.