Answering Every Concern

We are still receiving inquiries and complaints about our treatment of the lake this week.  One caller was clearly upset, having returned home to find that the treatment had already been done, and feeling that he had not had a say.  He is a resident of Thetford, and a regular user of the lake.  He had thought that there would be another hearing, or perhaps a town vote, before any action was taken.  I explained that the lake belongs to the State, which had the responsibility for the final decision to treat the lake. I told him that the lake association had acted because none of the three towns had wanted to be responsible for the treatment.

Part of his concern seemed to come from his belief that that triclopyr (the chemical we used) had been shown to cause harm to humans by the State of Washington.  I assured him that the State of Washington, or at least their Department of Ecology which is responsible for such things, had approved triclopyr for use in its water bodies.  I concluded that it seemed unlikely that they had also found any danger of harm to humans.

I did misinform him in one regard, however.  I asserted that I had put a link to Washington’s triclopyr information on this blog.  I correct that error now.  HERE is the relevant portion of their Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Permitted Use of Triclopyr.  It is a particularly comprehensive look at how triclopyr affects different plants, invertebrates, fish, birds, and animals.  Also how it behaves in soils, floods, surface water, and ground water.  I commend this resource to your attention.

On the other hand, we are receiving many more expressions of gratitude than criticisms.  More than a few have said “it’s about time.”