State Extends Restrictions Further Downstream

Because the concentration of triclopyr tested at 0.015 ppm 0.9 miles downstream from the lake 24 hours after the chemical was applied, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation has extended the water use restrictions already in place an additional mile downstream on the Ompompanoosuc.  We will be notifying the abutting landowners and posting some more signs.

It should be noted that the concentration found which caused this late change was 0.015 ppm, which is well below the 0.075 ppm which is considered safe for drinking water.  The scientists at the State seem to be concerned that this is an early indication and that the downstream levels might rise.  We will be adding an additional testing location further downstream for the next round of testing.

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Here is a map that shows how far downstream the additional restriction will extend.  Note the darkened portion of the Ompompanoosuc.

Click for larger map