Results From Second Tests

On Wednesday, June 9th, before we had received the results from the first tests, we took samples from three locations in the north end of the lake and sent them for testing.  We took only three, as each test costs over $100, and we intended to get only a preliminary indication of how quickly the triclopyr levels are declining.

We took samples at locations one, two, and three (see MAP), put them in a small cooler with “blue ice” and sent them by FedEx to the lab in North Carolina.  This morning we received the results.  Unlike the results from the June 3rd test, these results showed normal variation and the expected rate of decrease in concentration.

location Applied concentration June 3rd June 9th (future)
Site 1 1.5 ppm 0.202 ppm 0.121 ppm
Site 2 1.5 ppm 0.930 ppm 0.127 ppm
Site 3 1.5 ppm 0.510 ppm 0.113 ppm
Site 4 2.0 ppm 0.085 ppm n/a
Site 5 2.0 ppm 0.160 ppm n/a
Site 6 2.0 ppm 0.145 ppm n/a
Site 7 2.0 ppm 0.123 ppm n/a
Site 8 2.0 ppm 0.332 ppm n/a
Site 9 0.0 0.015 ppm n/a
Site 10 0.0 n/a n/a

We are working with Lycott, our consultant, to determine when next to test, and how many sites we should sample.  We will need to have samples from all ten locations showing less than 0.075 ppm for the State to lift the restriction onthe use of lake and river water for drinking and cooking.

[note: we do not recommend drinking the water in any case, for a variety of reasons]