Year End Finances

The milfoil program costs have been paid, and we have compiled what will probably remain the final budget figures for 2007. We finished the year with (a little) money in the bank, and without having to go into debt. We had to let our divers go a week or two earlier than we would have liked, due to budget constraints. Nonetheless we had a productive season fighting the good fight to keep the milfoil at bay.

In a spirit of transparency we want to let you know where the money comes from and where it goes.

  • Income
    • $44,864 Income from the State of Vermont
    • $10,000 Income from municipalities
    • $53,143 Income from memberships, donations, and events
  • $108,007
  • Expenses
    • $89,872 Divers’ salaries and taxes
    • $7,684 Dive program costs: air, gas, repairs, supplies, etc.
    • $4,579 Insurance (liability and workers’ compensation)
    • $3,529 Other: office supplies, postage, PO Box rental, etc.
  • $105,664

Our operating surplus for 2007 was $2343.

What your contributions and tax dollars bought:

  • 2866 Divers’ “Catch Bags” full of hand picked milfoil (just more than 1 cu. ft. each)
  • 2100 cu. ft. of suction harvested milfoil (more densely packed)
  • 150+ logged hours of volunteers hand pulling milfoil
  • 193 sheets (6’x100′) of bottom barrier in place — about 2.0 acres with overlap

On behalf of all of us who share an interest in preserving the natural beauty and economic vitality of Lake Fairlee, we thank you for your support.