Winter 2009 Newsflakes

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Welcome to the 2009 Newsflakes!

We set a record this winter for the coldest temperature ever recorded here.  We woke up one morning in February to -30 degrees!  No, that was not wind chill – that was the real temperature.  We also have had our share of big snow falls.   Ice Fishing Hut on Lake Fairlee It’s March 1st today and the lake is still frozen solid. Fishermen are still able to drive their trucks to their huts sprinkled up and down the lake. One new hut out on the lake this year is pure whimsy and the colors make you think of Jamaica, not  winter in New England. (click on the photo to enlarge it)  Anyway, it has made us smile so often that during the fishing derby a few weeks ago,  some friends and I walked out to award them a blue ribbon for “best in show” to express our appreciation but also to make sure they got an award in case they didn’t catch the biggest fish.

We are expecting more snow tonight but I am taking heart because Tim Taylor  of Crossroad Farm said today when the sun was out that “he can smell spring in the air.”

The Lake Fairlee Board met in February with Ann Bove and Susan Brittin of the Department of Environmental Conservation Water Quality Division to both bring them up to speed on how we closed out the 2008 season combating milfoil, and to hear the results from other lakes where chemicals are being employed in the fight.  We learned that lakes have unique features and that contractors must be brought in to determine whether or not treatment will help and also what level of treatment to seek.  Ann and Susan have agreed to come again in early summer to talk with everyone who’s interested.  We will let you know when we have a date.

Two “save the dates” for summer 2009:  annual dinner will be held on July 11th at Horizons and the annual cocktail party will be held on August 8th at the home of Lee and Norm Sherman on Idle Pine Drive.

The following article on the Betty-Anne Inn was written by Doris Honing of Middlebrook Road about days gone by on Lake Fairlee.  Ready, set, turn your clocks back 70 years!  Click HERE to read it.

See you in summer 2009.

Suzy Kerr, President, Lake Fairlee Association

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