The Tri-Town Committee

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Formed in early 2012 as a forum for the three towns of Fairlee, Thetford, and West Fairlee to collagorate and cooperate on issues related to Lake Fairlee, whose shoreline they share.


  • Composition: two representatives from each town, one of whom is on the Selectboard, plus one representative from the Lake Fairlee Association, one from Camp Billings, and one from the Aloha Foundation.  See membership roster below.
  • Purpose: Provide a forum for three towns to work together on issues of mutual interest involving Lake Fairlee
  • Meetings: So far on an irregular schedule, about once a month, location rotating among the three towns.


  • Address issue of decrepit dam
  • Propose long term legal structure for continuing this cooperation (might be just this committee, or some quasi-governmental entity)

Short-term objectives

  • Devise fair apportionment for funding for Lake Fairlee initiatives
  • Educate citizens about economic importance of Lake Fairlee to each town
  • Publicize existence and activities of committee, generate interest and buy-in

Other issues of common concern that the committee might address

  • Milfoil control, or at least the town funded part of it.
  • Speed control of traffic on Rte. 244.  Pedestrian and biker safety.
  • Safe boating operation, especially motorboats speeding and operating close to shore and swimmers.
  • Lake health, runoff, and riparian buffers.  Erosion control.

Membership (as of November, 2012)

  • Nancy Anderson, Fairlee,
  • Jay Barrett, Fairlee Selectboard,
  • Skip Brown, Lake Fairlee Association,
  • Fred Cook, West Fairlee Selectboard,
  • Donn Downey, Thetford Selectboard,
  • Mike Fanizzi, West Fairlee,
  • Casey Huling, Camp Billings,
  • Renee Snow, Thetford,
  • Jim Zien, Aloha Foundation,


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